Culinary City at Downtown Belgrano in Mendoza

We took a walk around the esoteric Hotel/Restaurant area to see what exactly has to offer, we bring you DETAILS!

By Christian Aporta - Food Critic - -
Twitter: @cristianaporta (Miami-Buenos Aires-Ibiza-Mendoza)

It easily could be called Downtown Belgrano because of the amount of Restaurants and Hotels compressed within a 3 by 3 walking blocks, making it a perfect square of 9 streets total, inside this article, we show you some helpful insight on our 6 favorite food destinations.

On the Photo: Inside H Resto Bar on Belgrano street.

Our preferred style of writing about major culinary cities: walking around, asking random people, checking trip advisor, reading from local food bloggers, asking employees-ex-employees for references and dining without announcing us. A huge perception is accomplished by this method and we can't help it, but just lay it all out online and in print.

The journey starts at Plaza Independencia on its west side (facing the mountains) and from any point of the of the plaza head up west 3 blocks until you see the train tracks (very safe and tourist area).

What will you encounter? A mix of italian, argentinian, mediterranean restaurants, modern cocktail bars, and much more. If this is your first time reading our magazine, you should know that we are from New York City and Miami, love details and our expectations are not too high but with a common sense, plain and simple (we also love Eleven Madison Park on Madison Ave in Manhattan). Now there, our expectations change.

That being said, knowing the culturaly rich area and living here for around 5 months, if we'd had to hand-pick our first stops, then whereabouts YOU-HAVE-TO-TRY-BEFORE-YOU-LEAVE-TOWN are:

Ocho Cepas Restaurant

Owner Juan invites you to take a tour to his 2 floor restaurant with personalized service and to the point, with no extra attention that kills the charm. In our humble, highly subjective opinion, the setting inside and outside makes it worth for an explanation from the owner of how it all started eight years ago.

Their private rooms with their own small bars can accommodate parties of 6 and up to 14. What we love the most besides the cuisine is the lighting and ambiance. So cozy that is perfect for an Autumn or Winter Nigth to enjoy with family, you sense christmas right on June or July, just missing the tree and gifts. For couples we also recommend uptairs close to the balconies.

The specialties of Ocho Cepas remain the skillfully prepared steaks, which — in variety, quality, and, yes, even price — are hard to beat.

Reservations are suggested but not enforced.

For reservations:
Address: Perú 1192, Mendoza, Argentina.
Phone: 261 423-2387

Diplomatic Restaurant inside Diplomatic Hotel

This place is almost close to perfection, another must-visit restaurant. I don't exactly know what's going on, but Food and Beverage Director Nicolas Chirino, Executive Chef Claudio Lucero and everyone on staff is so down to earth WITH EVERYBODY. Definitely a great job from HR. High ceilings, painted walls in dining area lined with whispering wait staff dressed in their white service jackets, you have no other prediction than a wonderfully-choreographed experience is about to take place.

Cuisine is mainly international, but being in Mendoza, you always find local dishes mixed in the menu. We've seen the pastry chef gratifying calorie-bomb creations in many ocasions for brunchtime pleasure, however, this 2017 most promising brunch tittle goes to Claudio Lucero and the Diplomatic team.

For reservations:
Diplomatic Restaurant
Address: Avenida Belgrano 1041, Ciudad, Mendoza, Argentina.
Phone: 261 405-1999

Maria Antonieta

For the ultimate combination of refined technique and comforting sizzled bits of international goodness, there’s this restaurant of Vanina Chimeno in Downtown Belgrano District. Opened not long ago off the crowded lobby of the Diplomatic Hotel on a noisy corner of Sarmiento and Belgrano, a pleasingly funky sense of an old-fashioned french charm welcomes you at the entrance.

On any given morning or lunch you’ll find a merry crowded door and customers lined to be seated, superb breakfast sandwichs, muffins, croissants and the whole nine yards on bakery. Hamburguers mingle with homemade sauces for lunch, lots of small pasta dishes freshly garnished, salads and a whole more. There's an item that caught our attention, deceptively simple and made with chicken, kale and spinach toast with sweet onions and soft egg.

For reservations:
Address: Belgrano 1069, Mendoza, Argentina.
Phone:261 420-4322

H Resto Bar

This place has been higly recommended by locals and also trip advisor has helped us decide. Graciela Hisa is the Chef/Owner, acclaimed by the media and a long curriculum backs her up.

Next, a personal visit follows. One thing I can notice throught all my years of experience is the good employee treatmeant. For this magazine that particular topic is paramount, as a customer you get all the benefits 100%.

As far as food goes, Mediterranean and Argentinian is their specialty. Sharp utensils and glasses along a symmetric layout, make food taste a lot better. Conveniently located on the corner of Belgrano and Agustin Alvarez, athmosphere and top notch service awaits you. Recommended!

For reservations:
Address: Belgrano 1194, Mendoza, Argentina.
Phone: 261 693-5155

Bardot Restaurant and Bar

The building in the corner may have a long history, but like a good wine, it gets better with age. This polished, slightly impersonal, hypercompetent food/cocktail program and modern look, are the force of Ignacio and Nicolas' ever-expanding gastronomic business behind it.

Located in the heart of what we call the Downtown Belgrano area, it's just less than a block away from Sarmiento street. They're announcing a menu change later this month, check back soon to discover what's all about.

Also in upcoming issues, check our favorite restaurant guide of the year, our favorite new chefs of the year, and, last but not least, all the annoying places that blur the good guys reputation, large and small, that drive your cranky inner critic to write on trip advisor.

For reservations:
Address: Av. Belgrano 1191, 5500, Mendoza, Argentina.
Phone: 261 463-1955

Asador Don Manuel Restaurant

It’s time to tackle the eternal, much-debated question of where to find the top steakhouses in Mendoza wine country. The definition of these merited dining institutions has changed over the past years, but some of the top ones can be found without breaking the bank with undoubted cooking-honored qualities.

One of them is Asador Don Manuel, rooms evoke an old-modern steakhouse; with numerous and familiar options, and generally a rich wine list; and the reason to visit the restaurant is the quality of their Argentinian beef, the fish, and even the vegetables. Seafood is part of their menu, as well as paella and daily catchs.

For reservations:
Address: Belgrano 1169, Mendoza Argentina.
Phone: 261 425-4808

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