Karla Colletto Swimwear

Web: www.karlacolletto.com

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SOUTH MIAMI, FL 33231 | (305) 662 8621

CORAL GABLES, FL 33134 | (305) 442 8080

MIAMI, FL 33156 | (305) 667 8593

BAL HARBOUR, FL 33154 | (305) 865 1100

Karla Colletto Swimwear | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

No closet is complete without a Karla Colletto Cruise 2016 collection, she's delivering her ever consistent lavish-wearable pieces year after year. Featuring smartly constructed one-pieces and bikinis made with LYCRA XTRA LIFE, solids, prints, denim, swim caps, high waisted bottoms and bodysuits, you may rest assure that comfty-stylish looks this season will come your way.

The use of color is present this year, including brigth reds, navy, dark-and-light tones, stripes, ruched, zipper-implemented and fringe; so get ready to show off your sexy silhouettes, perfect for a pool party, yacht day or for a swim in South Beach.

We have always loved her designs, and we constantly check her twitter and IG accounts to see what's new; follow our social media pages to be updated on her latest styles.

Since we are a Miami Publication, places where you can find them are in Dadeland Mall, Mermaids Boutique in South Miami and Nic del Mar in Coral Gables (check link on top for full info on locations and where to buy).

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